Name of OrganizationMain Audit SiteCountry CodeAudit Completion Date (dd/mm/yyyy)Certification No.Validity (dd/mm/yyyy)
Plan International, Inc. Guatemala/ GuatemalaGT 08/11/2016 162/NGO/09.11.2016 (Latest) 040/NGO/08.02.2008 (First) 08/05/2018
AsociaciĆ³n De Productores Y Exportadores De Nicaragua Managua/NicaraguaNI 25/10/2016 161/NGO/26.10.2016 (Latest) 074/NGO/22.05.2010 (First) 25/04/2018
Plan International, Inc. QUITO/EcuadorEC 09/09/2016 160/NGO/10.09.2016 (Latest)138/NGO/31.01.2015(First) 09/03/2018
Society for Protection of Working & Street Children Tehran/IranIR 28/02/2016 156/NGO/29.02.2016 (Latest) 085/NGO/08.11.2010 (First) 28/08/2017
The Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer Tehran/IranIR 23/01/2016 154/NGO/24.01.2016 (Latest) 038/NGO/29.11.2007 (First) 23/07/2017
IBIS Guatemala/GuatemalaGT 03/12/2015 152/NGO/04.12.2015 (Latest) 067/NGO/20.05.2009 (First) 03/06/2017
Fundacion Hermano Miguel Quito/EcuadorEC 27/10/2015 151/NGO/28.10.2015 (Latest) 107/NGO/22.08.2012 (First) 27/04/2017
Plan Internacional Inc. San Salvador/El SalvadorSV 25/09/2015 149/NGO/26.09.2015 (Latest) 125/NGO/23.01.2014 (First) 25/03/2017
FundaciĆ³n de la Caficultura para el Desarrollo Rural Guatemala/GuatemalaGT 27/08/2015 148/NGO/28.08.2015 (Latest) 019/NGO/19.04.2006 (First) 27/02/2017
Behnam Daheshpour Charity Organization Tehran, IranIR 24/02/2015 142/NGO/25.02.2015 (Latest) 046/NGO/09.07.2008 (First) 24/08/2016